Fibro fighting

There are a lot of ways that people describe fibromyalgia pain and fatigue.










It can be all over the body or just particular areas. I always say when people look up fibromyalgia symptoms to remember that these pains and other symptoms don’t just wait in line for one to stop before another starts. It’s all at the same time, multiple symptoms at the same time. Multiple types of pain going on at the same time.

Right now I have electric shocks going up my wrist from my thumb when I move it. I have a burning ache in both my hips. My feet are currently made of static. The tops of my arms feel like one giant bruise. I genuinely do not remember the last day I had no pain anywhere, it’s just become my new normal, some days are much better than others. Today is a medium-bad day, not has bad as I’ve been in the past but not great either. Good days aren’t pain free days any more, they’re days where the pain is manageable, sometimes not as noticeable, you don’t think about it all the time.

I’ve taken my painkillers, I’ve had my morning meds, but this is what it’s like with medication trying to stop it. These are just the pain symptoms I’m experiencing.

Other fibromyalgia symptoms include: hyper sensitivity to pain or touch, stiffness, fatigue, poor sleep, foggy brain, headaches, IBS, dizziness, clumsiness, poor temperature regulation, restless leg syndrome, numb hands and feet, anxiety and depression. (cheers NHS choices site). The ones I’ve italicised are ones I experience regularly. On top of constant pain.

Add all this to having joints that don’t want to stay in the right place and you have one big unenjoyable soup.

Things I’ve found that help:

  • Weighted blanket, when it’s not burning hot outside my gravity blanket helps so much, it reduces anxiety, it makes me feel calmer and when my pain isn’t touch based, the pressure feels so good. It’s almost like a distracting hug. I know I’m lucky to have one and its helped me so much.
  • Pacing, something I’m still working on because being a student it’s hard not to just get overwhelmed and try get everything done asap. I’m finding it a lot easier to manage my symptoms and fatigue by planning out what I do and making sure I’m not doing too much in one day and then paying for it the next. I’m learning to take more breaks and allow myself to rest if I need it.
  • Warm baths, I cannot stress how much I love baths, I find them a lot less tiring than standing under the shower. (However my gran has a shower chair and I love it). Epsom salts have been amazing too, they help relax muscles and help with inflammation.
  • Naps, naps and more naps! I’ve at least 1 nap a day, if not 2 depending on how tired I am. It’s good for a little reset in the middle of the day and even if I don’t feel more energetic after at least I’ve slept through some of the time I would have spent awake and in pain.
  • Gentle stretching, really helps loosen things a bit, but I have to be careful not to over extend joints and hurt myself.
  • Hopefully one day they’ll work out what it actually is and be able to treat it better than they are now.
  • Ben x
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