Yorkshire here I come!

Less of a blog post about anything specific, more of just a life update.

This week I moved up to Yorkshire, I say Yorkshire instead of Leeds (which is where we’re gonna end up) because I’m staying at my s/o’s mums until we both find jobs and can find a flat. It feels so good to not be in London anymore, especially since it’s been so hot. The air is so much fresher, the land is green and lush, there is actual landscape

(hills!!!) and the people (in general) are much friendlier. Not to mention there a hell of a lot less pollution and traffic/noise. You can actually see the stars at night, there’s little to no light pollution, something I always missed when in London.

We starting packing up the flat about two weeks ago which wasn’t too bad, when I was having a bad pain day, I could just sit on the sofa, make up boxes and wrap up breakables in newspaper. Simple. Recently I’ve found it hard to stand for longer than around 5-10 mins before I get this numb pain (believe me it feels numb and painful at the same time, it’s weird) in my hips and lower back. My legs also dislike staying the right direction. Cheers joints.

Something I found super helpful when trying to pack up a flat in a 30+ degree heatwave whilst in pain/fatigued was to go at little tasks at my own pace. Pacing is something I’ve had an issue with in the past, I’d always push myself too far and then suffer the next day(s) or try push through again and just end up really ill. So finding a little task to do, like packing up one corner of my bedroom then taking a break really helped, it sounds so obvious but doing things one box at a time was super useful. (Fun fact: as I write this I have a fuzzy static feeling in my right hip)

Also drinking a tonne of water helped… again, super obvious but seriously guys, if it’s hot, drinking enough water is even more important than in other weather. Heat stroke and dehydration aren’t fun.

Something I found really hard during the heatwave was going outside because it meant that would have to get dressed, which means I have to wear my binder. Binding in any weather isn’t fun, it’s hellish trying to do it in heat. So I ended up secluding myself to the flat because going out would mean a lot more pain. But packing made me feel at least a bit productive even if I couldn’t go out.

The thing that made the most different with moving was having a lot of people helping us move the boxes and furniture out of the flat and into the van we’d hired. There were 5 people helping my partner and I and we couldn’t have done it without them. There was no way I could carry the boxes to the van let alone down 2 flights of stairs, and having to go up and down all afternoon in 32 degree heat would have made me so ill and in pain. I cleaned the bathroom and took apart the bed (which I did sat on the floor because like frick am I bending over trying to undo screws). Another way I helped was once the mattress had been taken down they others put it under the window and I threw stuff out the window, stuff like shoes and non breakable things. (Shoes bounce. A. Lot. It’s quite fun). Even though I hadn’t been going up and down all those stairs and carrying heavy boxes I was absolutely shattered the next day (the 6hr van drive up to Harrogate didn’t help). I could never have done it without all that help, I’m so grateful to everyone that came.

So now we’re up in Harrogate, it’s so much cooler and beautiful, I’m so excited for the next chapter of life. Currently looking for a part time job (another fun thing to do whilst disabled and trans) and uni starts in October. It’s gonna be good.

Ben x

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