Let’s talk sweatpants

[image description: shot of ben sat crossed legged on a sofa, his legs and tummy are the only part of him in the photo. He’s wearing a grey hoodie and navy blue sweatpants and black socks.] Let’s talk jogging bottoms (or sweatpants for our American friends). Growing up I was only ever told that fat […]

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Yorkshire here I come!

Less of a blog post about anything specific, more of just a life update. This week I moved up to Yorkshire, I say Yorkshire instead of Leeds (which is where we’re gonna end up) because I’m staying at my s/o’s mums until we both find jobs and can find a flat. It feels so good […]

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Disabled, Queer AND Body Positive?

Body positivity, or bopo, has become a very popular topic in recent years, social media is packed with women (and men) of all shapes, sizes and colour promoting love of their body. With the rise of eating disorders and underweight models in the fashion world in the 90’s/00’s, my generations view of ourselves was altered […]

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I guess I should explain why I’m here. I’m a 22 year old guy currently living in London with my partner of (almost) 4 years, I’ve just finished my BA History degree and I’m starting an MA in medical history in the new term up in Leeds. I’ve always been fascinated with old medicine and […]

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