Painsomnia strikes again

[featured image description: a small green neon cactus sign next to a small Moomin toy, everything is in a warm green glow] We’ve all been there. its 3am, you can’t sleep for the nth night in a row and all you can think about is the pain. Most people with chronic pain/illnesses will have some […]

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Fibro fighting

There are a lot of ways that people describe fibromyalgia pain and fatigue. Burning Prickling Electric Tight Aching Throbbing Bruised Sensitive Stabbing It can be all over the body or just particular areas. I always say when people look up fibromyalgia symptoms to remember that these pains and other symptoms don’t just wait in line […]

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to crutch or not to crutch?

[image description: Ben has glasses on and is smiling, he’s wearing a patterned blue t-shirt, black jeans and a rucksack standing in his living-room with two smart crutches which are green] I ask myself this every single day, I have to analyse my whole body and my day ahead as to whether I will be […]

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