Painsomnia strikes again

[featured image description: a small green neon cactus sign next to a small Moomin toy, everything is in a warm green glow] We’ve all been there. its 3am, you can’t sleep for the nth night in a row and all you can think about is the pain. Most people with chronic pain/illnesses will have some […]

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Let’s talk sweatpants

[image description: shot of ben sat crossed legged on a sofa, his legs and tummy are the only part of him in the photo. He’s wearing a grey hoodie and navy blue sweatpants and black socks.] Let’s talk jogging bottoms (or sweatpants for our American friends). Growing up I was only ever told that fat […]

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Fibro fighting

There are a lot of ways that people describe fibromyalgia pain and fatigue. Burning Prickling Electric Tight Aching Throbbing Bruised Sensitive Stabbing It can be all over the body or just particular areas. I always say when people look up fibromyalgia symptoms to remember that these pains and other symptoms don’t just wait in line […]

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Yorkshire here I come!

Less of a blog post about anything specific, more of just a life update. This week I moved up to Yorkshire, I say Yorkshire instead of Leeds (which is where we’re gonna end up) because I’m staying at my s/o’s mums until we both find jobs and can find a flat. It feels so good […]

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Recovery bodies

[image description: there are two photos of ben side by side, in the right he is about 17, wearing a grey top and jogging bottoms, he is slim and his hair is disheveled and blue. In the left ben is fatter and smiling, he has purple and blue hair, he’s wearing a Last Podcast on […]

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